From the JT 105 Alliance

December 14, 2017

Thank you to all that have worked so hard, and contributed towards the goal of stopping the Alta Mira development in Joshua Tree.

Our California Environmental Quality Act lawsuit from October 2016, is still open and active, and it is doing its job, for now. In mid-September, we granted the developers a second six-month stay to give them more time to explore alternate designs or solutions for the property.

As of now, we are not pushing fundraising. The lawyer is paid up to date, and there are no other outstanding expenses. The ball is in the developer’s court, as they say. If you feel moved to donate, we won’t say no. You can either mail a check to “Gayle Austin”, PO Box 2022, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, or donate through

If the developers sell the property, and if the buyers were to pursue the same tract map, then we would act on the lawsuit and go to court. If the developers decide to proceed with the tract map, themselves, and we go to court, we will need some quick and intense fundraising. We have all the confidence in our great community that you would once again, rise to the challenge. After all, hundreds of us have been working together to prevent this development for 10 years.

Thank you,
JT105 Alliance


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