June 21, 2017: Joshua Basin Water District General Manager Curt Sauer reports to the District’s Board of Directors that the District has received a request from an architectural firm representing a person that will do a Dollar General business in Joshua Tree for a will-serve letter for that business. The firm has submitted water and sewer plans for the building, five months after notifying JBWD they were requesting a will-serve letter. The plans are being reviewed. If they’re approved, then the District will move ahead with issuing a will-serve letter. The ownership issue is complicated enough that Sauer says he is directing District staff to craft a customized will serve letter — the usual one will not do — and will do due diligence to make sure the District is issuing the will serve letter to people who actually have the right to receive it. The applicant will need to provide to JBWD staff satisfactory evidence of a contractual agreement with the property owner. Timeline is uncertain.


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