Janet Johnston writes:

[Defend Joshua Tree] has offered to hand out Defend Joshua Tree shirts tomorrow for anyone heading to San Bernardino for the Altamira Hearing. Meet at Myrtle the Turtle (where the Farmer’s Market area is) for our carpool/caravan meeting spot at 7:45am. Drive off at 8:00. Meeting starts at 10:00. You will have to pass thru a metal detector, so leave all guns and knives at home (or at least in the car). It takes about 1 1/2 hours with good traffic. Directions: Take 62 to 10, head west towards San Bernardino. Stay to the right when the highway splits, go past Redlands, and past Loma Linda and take the Waterman exit on the right side. Go to the middle lane, turn left at the light onto Hospitality for just a few seconds, then turn right onto Waterman and drive for maybe 10 (?) minutes. Pass Rialto, and then turn left onto 4th street. Go about two blocks and you turn left into the big parking lot (FREE). The Government center is the big rose building (5 stories) with a central vault. Walk towards it, and around construction fence, to normal path into it. Bathroom is just to the left when you enter. Conference room is just up and to the left. Thanks!!!


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