In mid-June, the pro-Dollar General side won an Appellate Court ruling against the Joshua Tree Downtown Business Alliance, a grassroots group of Joshua Tree residents, friends and neighbors who have been fighting Dollar General’s plan to locate a store here for years. At that point there seemed to be a very tight deadline for the JTDBA to file an appeal of this decision to California’s Supreme Court.

Celeste Doyle from the JTDBA has now posted this update on Facebook:

The Appellate Court recently ruled that its decision in this case will be published. This extends our deadline for filing for Supreme Court review. (I do not have the new deadline). Our attorney is aware that there is a lot of support for filing. We are still consulting. Apologies I don’t have more information.


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  1. Nancy Sammons says:

    I live in Joshua Tree and have been against any 99 cent store or Dollar General store from the beginning, this is not the place for one in my opinion….there are several within 10 miles and if people want to shop at one – they can travel the few miles to do so. Joshua Tree is a very special town and area and it should be protected from these businesses. Many tourists come into our area and do not want to see what they have available at their homes, but special small businesses that give them the special products they can not find where they live. Please try to understand how we as residents feel about this invasion of “China based” companies coming into our very special area. Thank you for your consideration….I feel it is extremely important.

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