Joshua Tree Downtown Business Alliance member Celeste Doyle has posted an update on the situation on Facebook:

The recent ruling is bad news. Our only option to keep this litigation alive is to file a Petition for Supreme Court review. The Court’s review is discretionary, but the Court has criteria, including whether the case at hand can be used to resolve a conflict in the lower courts – I think we have that here and can use it draw the court’s attention. Counsel says our deadline to file said petition is July 25. We think it would cost another $10K all told. Next, the appellate decision says we have to pay “costs on appeal” (if we don’t get this decision changed), but that should not be much and we think we have that already available. Lastly, just because you donate to the cause does not mean you are, or can be held, in any way responsible, financially or otherwise, for how this all plays out in the end. Thanks for any feedback –

What say you? should we go the next round?

Respond here: NO DOLLAR GENERAL IN JOSHUA TREE Facebook group


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