From longtime local activist and Joshua Tree Downtown Business Alliance (JDTBA) member David Fick:

The Oral Arguments to the Dynamic Development (and San Bernardino County) vs JT DBA are Monday, June 6, 2016 8:30 AM at the Fourth District State Court of Appeals (Division 2) in Riverside.

Dynamic Development is the real estate developer for the Dollar General franchise for Joshua Tree. They are working with the County to overturn the JTDBA’s 2014 victory in “CEQA Court” (CEQA: California Environmental Quality Act), in which San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Donald R. Alvarez agreed with the JTDBA that the store could put the town’s economy at risk.

Judge Alvarez subsequently ordered the County to conduct an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to determine whether Joshua Tree business and property owners would suffer economic harm from the proposed 9,100 square foot formula retail chain store.

A series of opening briefs on Dynamic Development/SB County’s appeal were filed by each side with the three-judge Court of Appeals panel last year. Sometime after the oral arguments are heard in Riverside on June 6, the Court will issue a ruling.

Note: We’ve heard that “CEQA Court” rulings are rarely overturned in appeal, but we don’t have numbers on hand to support that claim.


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