We’re headed into 2016, over four years since this battle begun, and we’re still winning. Here’s the latest from local radio station 107.7:

November 17th, 2015

The effort to stop the construction of a Dollar General retail store at Sunburst and the highway in Joshua Tree still goes on with legal challenges slowly moving their way through the court system. Reporter Mike Lipsitz has the latest in the legal maneuvering…

In the on again/ off again battle over the proposed Dollar General in Joshua Tree, the battle lines are often anything but clear. Last week, Dollar General developers asked that a review of the Environmental Impact Report be pulled from the County Board of Supervisor’s December 15 agenda. It appears the cart was getting ahead of the horse. The project was blocked earlier this year when the Joshua Tree Downtown Business Alliance successfully challenged the development—or at least halted it—pending an evaluation based on California Environmental Quality Act requirements. That ruling is also under appeal with a decision unlikely before this spring. Dollar General developers may have thought better of devoting too many resources to the project in advance of the appeals court decision. So how long until this battle is settled? That’s anybody’s guess.


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