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From projectbobcat.org:

Thanks to your efforts along with our partners, the Center for Biological Diversity and other supporters across the state, the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 was passed by the California legislature just over a year ago. Now we need your help to ensure the bill is implemented to truly protect the state’s bobcats. The California Fish and Game Commission is launching a rulemaking to implement the bill that could result in a complete ban on the commercial trapping of these beautiful animals. But for that to happen, the Commission needs to hear from you.

The Bobcat Protection Act was passed in response to the outrage triggered by the discovery of trappers lining the boundaries of Joshua Tree National Park with cages, luring the animals out the Park, and killing them for their fur. Under the bill, trapping was immediately banned around Joshua Tree and the Commission was directed to implement similar bans around all other parks, monuments and refuges in California. One option the Commission is seriously weighing is a statewide ban on bobcat trapping.

Please take a moment and contact the Fish and Game Commission and let them know you support a complete statewide ban on bobcat trapping. Note that original, personalized letters are the most effective way you can help our effort.


Thursday, January 29, 2015, 5pm

Submit comments to fgc@fgc.ca.gov -or- FAX to: (916) 653-5040

Address comments to Executive Director Sonke Mastrup. Fish and Game Commission, 1416 Ninth Street, Room 1320, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Written comments received at the Commission office by 5:00 p.m. on January 29 will be made available to Commissioners prior to the meeting on Febuary 12, 2015. Comments received by 12 noon on February 6 will be marked late and made available to Commissioners at the meeting. Please also remember to email Project Bobcat at: info@projectbobcat.org a PDF copy of your sent letter.


RE: Agenda Item 29: Ban Bobcat Trapping Statewide

I urge you to implement the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 by banning trapping statewide. I am appalled that hundreds of California’s native bobcats are trapped and killed each year for sale of their skins in the international fur trade. Californians overwhelmingly value our wildlife alive, not as commodities to be exploited for the private profit of a handful of trappers. It’s long past time to end the subsidized destruction of our wildlife and instead protect and value them as living members of a healthy ecosystem. Please vote for the alternative of a complete statewide ban on commercial trapping of bobcats.

TALKING POINTS for Statewide Ban:

Let the Commission know that you would like to see bobcat trapping banned for anything other than rehabilitation or research.
There are fewer than 100 commercial trappers “harvesting” bobcats and that taxpayers are essentially subsidizing these commercial trappers.
A statewide ban is simpler and more economical than determining boundaries, methods for describing boundaries, fees, enforcement, and creating documents describing new boundaries and regulations.
State the valuable role of bobcats in ecological system, tourism economy, rodent control, and any reasons for your opposition to the trapping of bobcats for pelts.
Remind the Commission that natural resources and wildlife are public assets, and not for the profit of a few.

Are you available to travel for the Commissioners meeting in Sacramento on Thursday, February 12th, 2015? Please let us know at: info@projectbobcat.org so we can put you in touch with others that are traveling up north for carpooling, sharing hotel accommodations, etc.

Project Bobcat thanks you for your ongoing support!


About Jay Babcock

I am the co-founder and editor of Arthur Magazine (2002-2008, 2012-13) and curator of the three Arthur music festival events (Arthurfest, ArthurBall, and Arthur Nights) (2005-6). Prior to that I was a district office staffer for Congressman Henry A. Waxman, a DJ at Silver Lake pirate radio station KBLT, a copy editor at Larry Flynt Publications, an editor at Mean magazine, and a freelance journalist contributing work to LAWeekly, Mojo, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Vibe, Rap Pages and many other print and online outlets. An extended piece I wrote on Fela Kuti was selected for the Da Capo Best Music Writing 2000 anthology. In 2006, I was one of five Angelenos listed in the Music section of Los Angeles Magazine's annual "Power" issue. In 2007-8, I produced a blog called "Nature Trumps," about the L.A. River. Today, I live a peaceful life in the rural wilderness of Joshua Tree, California, where I am a partner in JTHomesteader.com with Stephanie Smith.
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