Scenes like this… from the Yucca Valley Dollar General parking lot, earlier today…

There is still a way to stop the 10,000-store-strong corporate Dollar General from building one of their generic retail stores in Joshua Tree, not far from the gateway to the National Park.

Have a look at the recirculated Initial Study and Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration for “Joshua Tree Retail Store” from San Bernardino County’s Land Use Services department. It is available as a 23.8mb downloadable PDF: click here to download.

The findings of this Study ultimately have to be adopted by the County’s Planning Commission in order for Dollar General to go ahead with constructing their 9,100-sq foot store just east of downtown Joshua Tree where the 62 meets Sunburst.

Defend Joshua Tree’s position is that this Initial Study is severely flawed and should not be adopted by the County’s Planning Commission. 

We will outline our specific objections to the Initial Study on this blog soon, as well as simple things that any concerned member of the public can do to keep Joshua Tree free from a generic retail store like the one Dollar General is proposing to build here.

Dollar General coming into Joshua Tree is not a done deal. We can still fight it, and win.


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  1. David Scheffler says:

    Thanks for posting this Jay and staying on top of this. Besides the flawed study, can you list the other things that concerned members of the public can do to help stop the store?

  2. steve s. says:

    we must stay vigilant.,and use all the ways and means to fight on.,., the people have the power.,!!

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