Thurs Sept 27 630pm: LAFCO exec to address how Joshua Tree can get more community self-determination

From the Joshua Tree Community Association website (emphasis ours):

The Joshua Tree Community Association will host a roundtable with Kathleen Rollings-McDonald, Executive Officer of the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) at the Joshua Tree Community Center on Thursday, September 27th.

LAFCO’s role in communities includes growth, promoting logical boundaries for cities and special districts, discourage premature conversion of prime agricultural lands to urban uses and promote efficient and effective service delivery for cities and special districts.

In January 2011 LAFCO issued a review(PDF) of Joshua Tree. This review can also be found on the JTCA facebook page.

Over the past few years Joshua Tree has been presented with several projects that have caused concern about the direction of our community, everything from the Casino, Dollar General, Solar and wind projects, to phone towers.

LAFCO is one of the agencies that can help us understand the different avenues open to us for input on these issues.

Please join us September 27 at 6:30 pm.

More info on LAFCO at the Joshua Tree Community Association website


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