Update on the proposed Dollar General store in Joshua Tree

The proposed 9,100-square foot Dollar General franchise at the corner of Sunburst and the 62 in downtown Joshua Tree is still alive and going through the permitting process with the County, despite active, heavy opposition from within the Joshua Tree community since last November when DG’s intentions were announced. The best place to follow the play-by-play is at the “NO Dollar General in Joshua Tree” Facebook group page.

Also worth checking out is this great piece by the intrepid, bookmarkable JT Barnstormer on how Dollar General has been received recently by some local communities around the nation. Read: “Neighbors Say Stay Out! (But Is Anyone Listening?)”. Bravo to the Barnstormer for doing some really deep, persistent digging on this case (and others) over the last few months.

One more bit of info: the developer for the Dollar General project is Depierro Development Corp., 73434 29 Palms Hwy, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277. You can let them know what you think about their project at (760) 361-2676.


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